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Kirk and Anne Smith
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Larry Yacubian

Billy and Austin Ainsworth

Louis J Foght Jr

Tom Wellman

Ann, Craig and Megan Field

Terry Ehrhardt


This past June my wife, Anne, and I went on a Leopard safari with Mokore Safaris.  This was a perfect adventure.  Things started when a couple of giraffes moved off of the cleared runway allowing the small plane to land and deliver us to our PH Neil and his trackers.  What a way to start!  After settling in to our lodging and meeting the camp staff the hunting activity began in earnest.
In spite of extensive reading about leopard hunting, I did not appreciate how difficult and arduous a task it was.  After ten days of checking for sign, shooting and hanging bait, building and sleeping in blinds the effort was rewarded.  A fantastic leopard was shot!  And, best of all, this wonderful adventure continued.
In addition to the leopard both Anne and I were able to collect other fantastic trophy animals.  In the process we were given the opportunity to observe many different species, such as elephants, buffalo, giraffes, zebra, eland and kudu in their natural state.  We also learned much about the threat poaching is to the native wildlife and hunting. we were also able to observe the activity conducted by Mokore Safaris to control and minimize the poaching threat.
The camp is situated in an area with fantastic wildlife viewing; many hours each day were spent doing this. The accommodations were luxurious, the meals superb and all members of the camp and hunting staff responsive to our needs.
Although I had hunted in southern Africa on four previous occasions, this was my first safari with Mokore Safaris; it was the best. This is the one that has given me the best appreciation of what an original African safari must have been.  Anne and I hope to be able to repeat this experience.
Kirk Smith
Cell: +1-508-935-8595

Going on our 3rd hunt this year with Mokore Safaris. Gary has made my wife
a dangerous game hunter from almost a non-hunter. She can't wait for our
next trip with Mokore Safaris. Our last hunt in Nhacainga was fantastic!
We saw hundreds of animals a day. Great food and camp, awesome staff. Sell
the family silver and book a hunt with Gary or Neil today!
Kirby Shineman
Cell: +1-719-275-5632

Kirby and I are excited to make our third safari with Mokore this
summer. We always find the friendly hosts, great food and comfortable
accommodations to be better than other camps we have visited (this is our
5th trip to southern Africa). The game is plentiful and nothing but great
trophies are allowed to be taken. Gary works hard to ensure you find what
you are looking for, no easy hunting from the truck, you work for it. Mokore
follows ethical hunting practices and works hard at conservation of their
animals. Our last trip to Mozambique yielded more trophies than expected and
we took our top animals on day 1 and 2. I think we took 18 animals in all.
This year we are hunting dangerous game, confident in Gary's skill and
success with these animals. As a female hunter, I appreciate being treated
as an equal; as an educator, I appreciate Gary's patience and his
willingness to help me process my shooting and preparation. This has led to
one-shot kills in Africa and on other hunting adventures. Thanks Gary!
The Duckworth family aims to please and please they do! We are happy
to provide more information to anyone considering a safari with Mokore.
Dr. Anne "Annie Oakley" Shearer-Shineman

This letter is to anyone considering an African hunt .I have hunted with Mokore on three separte occations both in Zimbabwe and Mozambique primarly for cape buffalo but also for plains game. All three hunts were conducted with the highest level of professionism. The Duckworth Family have been doing this for a long time and it shows .They all pull together and if there is a problem with travel plans or visas for example they All band together and make the problem go away .On my last hunt this past September i took a 42 inch Buffalo and a 15 foot 6 inch croc in Mozambique, it was simply an amazing hunt.
If you hunt with Mokore you will be hunting true professionals who are dedicated to providing you with a great hunt..
Larry Yacubian
Cell: +1-941-875-4339

We just finished up our 6th Safaris with the Duckworth's. Great Food, Great Friends, Plentiful Game always makes for a memorable trip and always leaves you wanting more. Neal and Gary are a class act and give you a true African Experience, we are looking forward to many more trips with Duckworth's.
Billy and Austin Ainsworth

I have hunted with the Mokore Boys more times than I can remember!! They have outstanding camps in both Moz and Zim. Trophy quality is great as well as staff. Of course this would not be possible without their wives running the Show!!
Louis J Foght Jr
Home: +1-915-772-2155
Cell: +1-915-526-1572

I've had the pleasure to hunt the Nhacainga Conservancy in Mozambique in 2011 and the Sengwa Research area in Zimbabwe in 2013 with the Duckworths. There are three things I really enjoy while hunting with them. One, you will hunt in game rich areas. Two, you're treated like family. Three, these guys really know how to hunt. That's a very potent combination for me to enjoy my African adventures. I have been able to harvest trophies with my bow and rifle that I am justifiably proud of and I had a great time doing it hunting with the best hunters I've ever been around in over 40 years of hunting. Did I mention that the camps are great too? I give Mokore Safaris very high marks in all aspects for a great African adventure. I would gladly hunt with them again.
Tom Wellman
Cell: +1-907-947-1114

We have hunted with Mokore Safaris and Gary Duckworth on two occasions. Out of our seven safaris in Africa, these two were the best. The whole group was hardworking, professional and experienced. The trackers, cooks and the rest of the camp staff were amazing. Our next trip will also be with Mokore.
Ann, Craig and Megan Field

I have known the Duckworth family for 12 years and have found them to bescrupulously honest in all of my dealings with them. If Gary tells you something you can believe it to be the truth as he knows it. This is no small thing in the world today where many people will tell you whatever they think you want to hear. When you are dealing with the sums of money it takes to go on safari today it is very important to know your PH is dealing in utmost good faith with you. This attitude carries through to all aspects of the hunt, the professionalism they exhibit is of the highest order. I have never had Gary suggest I shoot an animal just to fulfill my request for the species in question, if it is not a respectable animal he will let it pass. You will never be embarrassed showing your trophies to anyone, regardless of their experience with African game. The trophy preparation though seldom spoken of is very important for the finished product (The mount) to come out looking the way you want it. I’m no expert in trophy prep but my good friend the taxidermist is and he has repeatedly commented on the quality of the skins that come from Mokore. Based on that I have to conclude they are doing a first rate job in that area as well. I have some experience hunting dangerous game and again the professionalism of Gary is first rate. It is extremely important that your PH be very knowledgeable when in pursuit of elephant and buffalo. Gary displays all of the traits one would wish to see in a PH while hunting dangerous game.  If you are contemplating an African safari I can recommend without reservation Mokore Safaris. I have hunted with Gary in Zimbabwe and Mozambique on numerous occasions and anticipate another hunt in 2015 .If you wish to call me, contact details are detailed below.
Terry Ehrhardt
Cell: +1-406-761-6211

When we think back upon our days that just seemed to fly by…our minds view images of our comfortable chalet when we were awakened by the lions in the early morning darkness. We can still see the fire pit ablaze in the dim light…and actually smell the wood smoke as it provided heat after the short walk to the dining area. We still see the shadows as your staff moved silently in the darkness preparing for each of us, with their smiles the needed things that always came together to provide our comfort. I am not sure if I could point out the Southern Cross, but the way the stars lit up the black night sky as I looked up past the the vine covered trees, was truly amazing. As you can see…we have not even left camp!
We remember cold morning drives when the air bit into us and then shortly after, the light from the morning sun blast through the trees and and past koppies…to reveal the red and orange colored light…replacing the chill with heat. I remember the cow buffalo that got so close to you as I watched in safety behind a small forked tree. It would have been so easy for her to hook you with her sharp horn and take away the excitement we are feeling by being on the path they were following.
I remember the bat that swooped down over our dinner table at night, while we cheered the days events and toasted each other on another fine day. Wine glasses clanking as smiles expressed the joy as tasty dishes of game meat and delicacies were laid before us.
The time Susan and I had with you is without a doubt the best time we have ever experienced…and sharing our time with each of the Duckworth family members made us feel like a part of your family!
Thank you!
Best regards,
Norm and Susan McLaury

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