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New COVID regulations are forever being added and removed so for the latest information you may require just before starting your safari, please contact our head office on .  We do use an assistant in the Zimbabwe Harare Airport,  Wengayi will help get all weapons, COVID and VISA clearances sorted as well as making sure your COVID tests for outgoing flights, etc are sorted timeously.  Please also check with Taryn at the office should you wish to use his services.

When you arrive in Zimbabwe you will be required to provide the immigration officer with a completed Immigration Declaration Form I.F.1. While these will be available either on the plane or at immigration, it can help to save time if you have one already prepared. To download a copy of the Immigration Declaration Form click below.

Immigration Declaration

When importing weapons for your safari you will also need to have a completed Firearms Temporary Import Permit Form. Those travelling with ammunition please make sure it is in a locked box in your luggage, not in with the rifles.
To download a copy of this form Click on the following links:

Firearms Temporary Import Permit - Front
Firearms Temporary Import Permit - Back

If you are coming to Zimbabwe to hunt a leopard you will need to complete a Federal Fish and Wildlife Permit Application Form in order to get the necessary CITES permit to export your trophy. To download a copy of the form please click the following link:

Federal Fish and Wildlife Permit Application Form

For useful information on filling in this permit application form please click the link below:

Useful information for Completing the Leopard Cites Form

For all other international sport hunting related permits use the following link:


We recommend using TRAVEL WITH GUNS or any other travel arrangements.


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Mokore Safaris run a small guest lodge in Harare for their clients. The rate per night includes airport transfer, all food, beverages and shopping trips within Harare. The guest house is located at 7 Stable Close, in the suburb of Borrowdale.

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Mokore Safaris is one of the leading safari companies in Africa. Established in 1979, it has over 40 years of experience offering high quality, personalised hunting safaris. Run by a family, with extensive experience. .


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