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Newly Formed Hunting Association in Mozambique

In order to address some of the issues that have taken place within the hunting industry in Mozambique, such as illegal and unethical hunting operators in the country, license procedures, quota allocation and legalities of acquiring and operating on hunting concessions, a hunting association called Association of Mozambican Safari Operators (AMOS) was formed. It is the only hunting association in Mozambique at this time.

The association was formed some time ago but has only been really active as of last year. The founding members are currently forming the committee. AMOS is only for the hunting industry and has currently around 30 members (companies). The members all have registered companies in Mozambique and all have at least one concession in the country, members do not have to be from Mozambique to be part of the association.

Mozambique has been getting lots of recognition as a fantastic country for safaris and it is quickly becoming a premier hunting destination in Africa.

To contact the Association of Mozambican Safari Operators (AMOS) you can email the association Chairman Mr. Adamo Valy The association does not currently have a website.

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