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Detailed Letter - Download Here

All clients going to hunt in Mozambique but travelling via Zimbabwe please make sure that you get double entry visa on arrival into Harare, Zimbabwe. All clients flying directly into Tete from Johannesburg please make sure that you have your Mozambique visa ahead of time as it is difficult to do there.

When you arrive in Zimbabwe you will be required to provide the immigration officer with a completed Immigration Declaration Form I.F.1. While these will be available either on the plane or at immigration, it can help to save time if you have one already prepared. Those travelling with ammunition please make sure it is in a locked box in your luggage, not in with the rifles.To download a copy of the Immigration Declaration Form please use the following link:-

[click here]

The most simple and effecive way to get to Tandikwe Camp is to fly on SA Airlink from Johannesburg to Tete, Mozambique. This is a daily flight on weekdays. A Mokore representative shall meet you there and assist with customs clearance. From Tete to Tandikwe is a four hour drive.


Visas need to be applied for at least 3 months before departure to Mozambique.

This first link gives you the details of the Embassy in the USA:-

For the Polana Hotel please use the following link:-

Mozambique Rifle Licence and Hunters Licence is required at all Ports of Entry into Mozambique.

For ease of entry Mokore Safaris will organise your rifle permits ahead of time. For this please ensure that you send:

  • a passport photo.
  • copy of the main page in your passport.
  • all rifle details including serial number, calibre, make and model, as
       well as the exact amount of ammunition you will bring for each weapon.

    Please note that 40 rounds are the maximum amount of rounds allowed for each calibre into Mozambique.


    We recommend using TRAVEL WITH GUNS for any travel arrangements.
    NB - All clients travelling with LAM airline please note that the bag weight limit/person is 20 KG (44 LBS). Any weight above this is charged approximately $3 / KG.


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    Mokore Safaris run a small guest lodge in Harare for their clients. The rate per night includes airport transfer, all food and beverages and shopping trips within Harare. The guest house is located at 7 Stable Close, in the suburb of Borrowdale.

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    Mokore Safaris is one of the leading safari companies in Africa. Established in 1979, it has over 40 years of experience offering high quality, personalised hunting safaris. Run by a family, with extensive experience. .


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