As most are aware we have been heavily involved for the past 16 years building up a wonderful concession Coutada 9 in Mozambique.  When we started there it was an area that had been ravaged by 20 years of civil war leaving it with very little wildlife left.  This said it was a massive area with lots of potential and each year we have worked extremely hard to bring it back to life with very aggressive anti-poaching efforts combined with opening over a thousand kilometers of new roads and developing surface water for the game through drilling 22 wells and building 12 dams/reservoirs.  

This all has been no small feat and Ngwenya who was our bull dozer driver, tractor driver, head of anti-poaching and overall go-to guy was a very big part of the rebuilding process and it is with deep regret to report that he was killed Friday the 9th of February whilst trying to apprehend a group of elephant poachers.

Coutada 9 has a resident population of about 350-400 elephants and like with all the other wildlife we have fought an uphill battle from day one to protect them.  Unfortunately, with elephant poachers there is the added risk in that they are armed normally with an AK-47!  Over the years our anti-poaching scouts have had several run ins with these guys and we were determined to catch them.  We believe it to be a group of 4 guys who have been responsible for most of the elephant poaching in Coutada 9.  With the Coutada being so large (nearly 1 million acres) it has been very difficult to catch up to this group as the normally come in, hit one or two elephants in remote locations, cut the ivory out then retreat for 1-2 months then come back in making it challenging to catch them.

On Friday 9th February, Ngwenya got information that one of our anti-poaching sticks based up in the north had found fresh tracks of these poachers trailing a wounded elephant.  Ngwenya went immediately to our local police station and collected 3 police officers to go with him on the follow up.  Unfortunately, due to the distances involved he got onto the tracks fairly late in the day to start following.  They caught up to the poachers at last light where they had set up to cook and spend the night.  The poachers refused to surrender and a shoot-out ensued.  With it being dark it was difficult conditions to see what exactly was going on and unfortunately Ngwenya, who was the brave one at the front, took a bullet through his arm and into his stomach.  Whilst he was trying to make it back to the vehicle several miles away he passed away.  In the contact they managed to kill one poacher and badly wound another. 

Ngwenya’s passing is a massive loss to Mokore, Coutada 9, wildlife conservation and most of all, to his wife and four children.  His big smile and determination to really make a difference will be truly missed.  We are trying to raise funds for his family to help put his kids through school so please if anyone would like to donate some money towards his family please could you let us know.  

He also requested in one of his last messages he saved on his phone that we try and help his wife complete the house they were building.  

Donations of any amount would be greatly appreciated by Mokore and obviously, by his wife and children. A great man, who achieved so much. 
RIP Ngwenya.



Mokore Safaris is one of the leading safari companies in Africa. Established in 1979, it has over 35 years of experience offering high quality, personalised hunting safaris.

The company is run by the Duckworth family. Mokore is situated in the world famous Savé Valley Conservancy in the South East Lowveld of Zimbabwe. The Savé Valley Conservancy is just under 1 million acres in size and is reported to be the largest private wildlife area in the world.

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The area is renowned for its Big 4 hunting as well as a huge variety and abundance of plainsgame. There is a wide diversity of habitats including open acacia woodland, mopane woodland, thick riverine vegetation and broken granite outcrops. Both Black and White Rhino, as well as Wild Dogs may be seen on your safari at Mokore.


This is one of Zimbabwe’s best hunting concessions. It is located in the North West of the country in the Gokwe District. It is exactly half way between Harare and Victoria Falls. This offers a great opportunity for incoming guests to visit the world famous Victoria Falls en route to their safari.


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Nhacainga is a wildlife area that has been developed over the last 15 years within the Coutada 9 lease area in the Manica Province of Mozambique. 


This beautiful area is made up of palm savanna, open grassland and perennial rivers on the edge of the famous Marromeu Buffalo Reserve.  It has excellent numbers of buffalo.  Together with the plainsgame available in Nhacainga Conservancy a combination hunt between these two areas is an excellent and diverse safari option.

The main camps in this area are the Tandikwe Camp and the Njiri Eco Camp.  Fly Camps are erected for clients who wish to have a more rustic experience or those who need to hunt the blocks far from the main lodges.



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Njiri Eco Camp is based in Coutada 9, a wildlife area located between Tete and Chimoio in Mozambique. Our guests join us on a safari with a difference. No more just sitting in the car, this is about getting your hands dirty, taking part and making a difference. Volunteer at Njiri Eco Camp or join us on our Adventure and Conservation Safaris.


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Mokore Safaris is one of the leading safari companies in Africa. Established in 1979, it has over 35 years of experience offering high quality, personalised hunting safaris. Run by a family, with extensive experience.


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